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Guinea Pigs are cute, adorable and fun. The problem is they won't stay that way if they are not properly treated or taken care of. Here you will find everything you need to know to be sure that your guinea will live a happy, healthy and long life.

My name is Stephen and I am an animal lover that wants to help other animal lovers out there. I have spent hours and hours researching, reading and studying guinea pigs so you don't have to. I have also learned from personal experience with my two guinea pigs, Rascal and Alvin.

I created this site with a goal in mind, and that was to inform guinea pig owners what to feed their furry friends. Now, I have decided to redesign my entire site with the purpose of having everything you need to know about guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig Care For GreenHorns

Guinea Pig Care for Greenhorns is 10 chapters of important and useful information on guinea pigs. If you are looking for a one stop shop for everything guinea pigs, then look no further. This book has it all, from their history, to medical advice, to breeding.

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Is a Guinea Pig right for me?

Many people have a belief that guinea pigs are animals that you can just leave in their cage and look at occasionally or play with when you feel like it.This is far from true. Guinea pigs are intelligent, fun and loyal pets that love attention. They require a good amount of work.Things to expect when getting a guinea pig:

  1. Providing a large cage. Click here to know more.
  3. Getting a guinea pig friend. Check out the companionship page for more.

  5. Frequent Cage Cleaning
  7. Changing water and food daily
  9. Buying plenty of fruits and veggies
  11. Grooming
  13. Providing plenty of space for exercise
  15. A long time friend

Guinea Pigs make excellent pets. They are widely known for squeaking when their favorite person walks in the room or when they know you have a treat for them. My guinea pig Rascal will squeak with delight every time he hears the fridge door open because he thinks I am getting him some veggies.

Guinea pigs are fun to just sit back and watch play. Seeing a guinea pig popcorn for the first time can be hilarious and it's super cute. Guinea pigs make better pets than hamsters, mice or gerbils because they like to be held once they get to know their owner and can even be taught tricks. They can be handled by younger children without harm because they are larger in size (although adult supervision is still recommended). All in all guinea pigs are just fun to have, play with and watch.

(Rascal Getting Excited over timothy hay)